Intelligent Query: How to Enhance your Advanced Find Experience

One of the golden features of Dynamics 365 is Advanced Find. It’s my go-to feature for building queries and finding exactly the data I need in the shortest amount of time. However, there is one caveat; this native feature does not allow you to build an Advanced Find with a “Does Not Exist” or “Does Not Have” query.

With the CRM […]

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Removing Project Service Demo Managed Solution from Dynamics 365

Recently, Microsoft has been releasing vertical-oriented managed solutions to complement the basic out-of-the-box (OOTB) CRM customizations as a way to quickstart an implementation. One of which, the Project Service demo, has had some issues when users decide to remove said solution from their instance if it’s not the right fit. The technical details for the solution failure can sometimes not […]

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Relationship Insights NOW Available in Dynamics 365

The new Relationship Insights is available now for Dynamics 365 CRM. If you’re already a Dynamics 365 user, it’s suite of capabilities is included as part of your license at no extra cost.

The videos and information provided below provide a first look into the new Relationship Insights capability and each of the key elements included in this tool Contact Harris […]

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Dynamics 365: Creating Email Signatures

Dynamics 365 allows individual users to create their own email signatures in Personal Settings. Follow these steps to create an email signature:

1. On the member homepage, click on the gear icon for Person Settings and select ‘Options’.


2. Under Personal Options, navigate to the ‘Email Signatures’ tab and click ‘New’ from the actions toolbar.

3. A new window will pop-out, where you will create […]

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Adding Record URL (Dynamic) to Dynamics 365 Email Templates

Occasionally an organization has a requirement wherein standard out-of-the-box (OOTB) email templates need to be configured with hyperlink references to records in CRM. In the current version of Dynamics 365, standard email templates do not have the ‘Record URL (Dynamic)’ reference users are accustomed to seeing in workflows. As a workaround, try the following steps:

1. Create a new URL field […]

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Dynamics 365: Marketing Lists 101

In Dynamics 365, Marketing Lists allow you to group together Accounts, Contacts or Leads in specific lists so that you an organize your marketing efforts more effectively. For example, you may want to create a list of contacts that should receive your company’s monthly newsletter, send out promotional information to your leads or invite clients to a special event.

It’s important […]

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IE 11 Rendering Issue for CRM 2011 – Windows 7

A recent update for Internet Explorer has thrown CRM 2011 users into disarray as some visual elements in CRM would no longer load in Internet Explorer 11. While KB 4016635 was released to address this issue for Windows 10 users, there is no such applicable update for Windows 7 users. As an alternative, I have found that taking the following […]

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Creating a Custom FetchXML Report to Run in Context of Form or Selected List Item

Sometimes user requirements are such that custom reports must be set up to run on a certain record or on a group of records.  When using Dynamics 365 Online, these must be FetchXML reports, and there is a simple addition to the Fetch statement that you can add to allow the filtering functionality.

First, create your base entity FetchXML statement.  Then […]

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Editing Global Search: Adding Find and View Columns

Once entities have been configured to be included in Global Search (via System Settings), it’s important to review how that search is conducted and what users see for each record when Global Search is used. In this article, we will show how to manipulate the find criteria for Global Search, and edit how records are presented in Global Search by […]

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“What’s New”: How to Follow your Colleagues in Dynamics 365

Follow your colleagues in Dynamics 365 and you’ll be able to stay current on their sales, marketing and project efforts in real time through the What’s New feed. You can find the What’s New feed in two places: by system default on the Sales Activity Social Dashboard and under Sales > My Work > What’s New.

Keep reading for a few […]

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