Dynamics 365 allows individual users to create their own email signatures in Personal Settings. Follow these steps to create an email signature:

1. On the member homepage, click on the gear icon for Person Settings and select ‘Options’.


2. Under Personal Options, navigate to the ‘Email Signatures’ tab and click ‘New’ from the actions toolbar.

3. A new window will pop-out, where you will create the email signature. Enter values for the following fields:

  • Owner – The user that owns the signature. If creating a signature for another user, a different owner may be selected through the look-up function. The owner of an email signature can create, update or delete it.
  • Title – A tile for the email signature. This will only be seen by the user.

Then, you can enter the text for your signature, using the toolbar to change font, colors, alignment, etc. to your preference. Keep in mind that any logos copied and pasted into this form will not render when an email is sent using the signature.

Click ‘Save’.

4. After saving, click ‘Set as Default’ if you’d like for this signature to appear automatically in draft emails created within Dynamics 365. Click ‘Save and Close’.

5. Back on the Personal Options screen, click ‘OK’ and you are ready to start using your newly created email signature.

To change or add a signature to an email, remember to select the ‘Insert Signature’ button on the menu bar on the email form.