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Are systems limiting your ability to reach your goals?

Every business uses systems.  Every standalone system in a business makes it more difficult grow.  Your team doesn’t know where to find information.  Multiple systems have the same information and it’s not all accurate.  It takes great effort to do anything.

You probably still have some paper-based systems. You might have spreadsheets to keep track of business contacts, sales opportunities, or service requests.  You might be using a marketing service to manage your newsletters and marketing communications.  You probably use an accounting or ERP system.  You could have many other systems depending on your business.

One way we help our clients grow is by consolidating standalone systems into Microsoft Dynamics CRM where your team has access to the most current information about all aspects of your relationship with your prospects and customers.

What does it take to achieve amazing results?

Amazing results are directly related to improvements in the processes and technology that a business uses to manage their relationships with customers.  In order to grow massively, a business must leverage technology and automation to make it easier for their people to provide timely service.


Your team must be willing to adopt new processes and technology as your business grows in order for you to reach your goals.  Some people adopt change quickly.  Others need your leadership and coaching to grow with the business.  Training your team on new processes or new technology is a critical success factor to achieving amazing results.  Documenting processes and how to use technology to support the processes is also a key factor to keeping your team moving forward.


As your business grows you will find manual processes that can no longer keep up with the pace of your business.  You will find processes that are so cumbersome or outdated they hinder your growth.  Evaluating and updating processes is essential for a business to achieve amazing results.


At some point, as your people and processes struggle to keep pace with your growth, you will seek out a technology systems to help a manual process scale.  Now we have spreadsheets serving different purposes, maybe several applications or online services addressing different needs.  As the business grows there is an increased need to share information across the organization with different teams.  It’s the reason we implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM so that we can consolidate the information into a single shared system.


With over 20 years experience implementing CRM Systems,
Harris Technology is the perfect partner to help you reach your goals!

Whether this is your first implementation of a CRM system or you already own Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we will create a solution that bring amazing results to your business.  We understand that your business is unique and requires systems that work the way you do.  We will bring the people, processes, and technology together to create a successful implementation for you.

Technology Working Together to Create a Complete Solution.

We use Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the primary system component for our solutions because of its unparalleled ability to be customized and change as your business changes.  We add appropriate third-party tools to exactly match the functions you need in order to meet your requirements and deliver amazing results.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Get customers and keep them longer.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a full-featured Customer Relationship Management system we use as the platform to build client solutions because it is rich in features used by most businesses and is highly customizable.  MS CRM is a marketing, sales, and customer service tool.  It runs inside of Microsoft Outlook or from inside most internet browsers.

Watch this short video about getting started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Distraction-free pages containing information you need

ClickDimensions: Email marketing, nurture marketing and lots more.

ClickDimensions provides email marketing, web intelligence, lead scoring, nurture marketing, social discovery, form capture, surveys, and more.  ClickDimensions is fully embedded within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  All features are accessed through the CRM interface to make it easy to use.  The marketing data is stored in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database making it simple to report on campaign results.

Watch this 7-minute ClickDimensions Demo video.

InsideView: Target your marketing and win their business.

InsideView delivers the most accurate company and contact information directly to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including business insights, and professional connections to increase sales and marketing productivity. Insights from InsideView is included with each Professional user license of Microsoft Dynamics CRM online. InsideView is available as an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise deployments.

Watch this short video about Insights and how it can help your sales people close more business.

Scribe Insight: Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with other systems.

Scribe Insight simplifies the task of building integrations between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other applications and databases. Whether it’s something as simple as doing an automatic update of information from a CSV file in Microsoft CRM or an integration to bring accounting information into MS CRM from an ERP system to create a solution, Scribe Insight is a great tool.

Click here to see some examples of adapters.